Do I need to pay to join Totl?

Our Services are absolutely free. All you have to do is download our app to your compatible mobile device or log-on through a computer with internet. Then just go ahead and Buy! Click! Redeem! It’s as simple as that.

How can I join Totl?

Just sign up with your basic credentials or your Facebook account. Totl is available on Apple iOS, Android or with any web browser on a computer with internet access.

What devices and platforms work with Totl?

Totl can be downloaded from an Apple or Google app store or accessed through your web browser on a computer with internet access.

Can I have more than one Totl account?

You can have only one Totl account linked to you email or Facebook account.

Where can I use Totl?

At present, we are offering our services only in the Dubai. We will soon be spreading our arms to the rest of UAE.

Why does Totl ask for my location?

Giving us your location would help us serve you better. Presently we cater to Dubai and soon will be expanding to other cities in the UAE, which will not affect your offers based on location.

Can Totl be used together with other coupons or discounts?

Yes, sometimes you can. But the same may not apply for all the offers. Some offers on Totl may not accept the use of coupons, Please read the details of the respective offer to make sure you can use other coupons.

How long do I have to upload my receipts?

We release new offers every Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59. All receipts must be submitted between every Thursday 12:01 until every Wednesday 23:59. Remember the purchases also has to be made within this period to avail the offer.

How many times can I claim an offer?

Some offers can be claimed multiple times. We list the number of times or limit you can claim an offer in the offer conditions. Make sure you read the details of the offer before making your purchases.

How many offers can I claim with the same receipt?

You can claim multiple offers on the same receipt. Select as many offers as you are eligible on a single receipt and Totl through.

Are online purchases valid for Cashback?

Yes you can. Just submit your purchase order and invoice to us and you are good to go. Online purchases must be made and delivered, receipts uploaded on or before the offer period ends.

Is it safe to upload the receipt?

We recognize that information submitted to us is personal. And our top priority is to protect your privacy. But we do require the payment information to process your receipt and offer. Be assured that any information you give is safe with us.

How to upload a clean receipt?

We process receipts that are clear and easy to read. Receipt pictures must have the following in a readable format.

  • Purchase date
  • Store name, Logo and Location
  • Total
  • All the items you are claiming
How do I upload long receipts?

We have provided a feature called “Add Section” which allows you to take multiple images of your receipt. Remember the whole receipt right from top to bottom must be taken clearly to process the receipt. If the receipt is too long, add section and take multiple shots of the receipt and make sure all the details are clearly mentioned

How long does it take for my receipt to be processed?

Receipts gets processed within 48 hours of being uploaded.To Totl through the process, make sure that your receipt is clear from top to bottom and the contents is clearly visible. We will get in touch with you through email once your receipt has been processed. It may take longer if the receipt uploaded is not clear.

Is there a time frame for submitting receipts?

We release new offers every Thursday 12:01 which are valid until Wednesday 23:59. All products must be purchased and receipts must be uploaded within this time frame each week. Please check the terms to be sure of the date and time before you shop. We don’t want you miss out on any offer.

Some offers seem to have disappeared from my list, which were earlier visible. Why?

This means that the offer has either expired or you have already claimed your limit for that offer or we’ve completed our quota for those items, which is why those items aren’t on your list. But don’t worry we’ll get more offers for you the following week. We release new offers every Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59. All purchases and receipts must be submitted from Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59.

Can I upload multiple receipts in one go?

Only one receipt can be uploaded at a time. If you have multiple receipts and offers, please submit them one after the other. Submitting multiple receipts will not be processed by our system and may cause confusion.

Why are the offers on the App and website different?

Some offers are mobile-only offers and may not be visiable in the website. We try to give you the best mix of personalized offers.

Do offers run out?

Unfortunately Yes. Offers do run out. Make sure you catch the offers while they are still available.

How do I know what item(s) to buy?

To know what item or product or brand you need to purchase to avail the offer, make sure you go through the offer detail and the product specification, quantity, size, flavor etc. before buying. Make sure you carefully go through these details to Totl thorught without disappointment. Remember offers change every week.

How long will the offers stay on my list?

We release new offers every Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59. All purchases and receipts must be submitted between Thursday 12:01 and Wednesday 23:59. Make sure you purchase and claim your cashback within this period every week.

Do you update the offer list? How would I know?

We send our customers emails once we have updated our offers. We recommend that you turn on notifications on your app allowing us to notify you directly on your mobile through our App about the updates.

Are all offers on my app claimable?

If you can see the offer on your app, its your till the offer runs out. Make sure to claim the offers as soon as possible. We work with brands and limit the numbers of offers that can be claimed. All offers are claimed on first come first serve basis.